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One Two Cosmetics Magnetic Lashes Review

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False eyelashes

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False Eye Lashes

Hepolar express st louis promo code. Each strip has three magnets and they connect to the other strip's 3 magnets, so it totally 'locks in' on top of and beneath your natural lash. If I don't have any mascara on, they just slip right off. And if you don't wait until your mascara dries before putting them on, they slide off with the mascara and it gets very messy.

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It was very frustrating and I felt like giving up after the first hour. Note: I eventually concluded it was easier for me to put them on with just my hands and not use tweezers or anything at all. Pretty counterintuitive, but that's what works for me.

One Two Lash's Fake Eyelashes Don't Need Any Glue Whatsoever — PHOTOS

I can post a before and after pic if anyone wants. This was so helpful!!

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Thank you for this comment! I just ordered without researching and started getting nervous. I hear the way to make them work is to cut the bottom lash into 3 pieces to make it easier to apply. I was just about to ask if cutting the bottom helped. I never got the hang of them, either I end up with a magnet in my eye or the lashes connect too far out from the eyelash base. I am so frustrated with this company. So I did a lot of research prior to making my purchase, and like most of you, I was only able to find the positive reviews with what seemed to be real everyday consumers sharing their photos and videos.

This can't be the case. First off they take like a month to ship to you, which fine, is somewhat expected, but still ultimately frustrating.

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  • When my pair arrived, I attempted to try them on. I gave it two or three attempts before what do you know one of the magnets has just fallen off and now one set it unusable there's a giant bulge in the middle where it doesn't connect. So I contact them, they ask for pictures, they send me a new set. Wait another month, get those, try them on, can't get them right, so I give up for a while.

    They are not easy to get on.

    We think you'll love these just as much

    They never seem to sit right or look natural. A few weeks pass and I have an event coming up, so I figure I'll give them another try, lo and behold another one of the magnets falls off, this time from the new pair. These are such terrible quality. Bear in mind that the lashes have only ever been on my eyes for maybe a grand total of ten minutes. And they've never been worn out, so there has been very little as far as an environmental impact goes.

    It's pretty absurd. So at this point I still have a full set of lashes if I combine the pieces that still have magnets from each set, and I spend maybe another half hour or so attempting to get them to look remotely natural.

    Eyelashes | Ulta Beauty

    I tried cutting one set. Didn't help. I've watched the videos and read the tutorials. None of it works. So at this point, I'm pretty pissed with the level of deception involved.

    I go to their site and write a detailed review explaining my dissatisfaction. That was about a month and a half ago when they had a total of 92 reviews for their lashes all 4 and 5 stars. They now have 94 reviews 4 and 5 stars and my one star review is nowhere to be seen.

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