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During this process you will set for yourself a PIN number. They use the PIN to verify that phone number belongs to you. The normal Plenti Points rules apply. Once verified, your accounts will instantly Pooled. Pooling Accounts.

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If you wish, you may pool your Plenti account with the accounts of other Members. Up to three 3 accounts may be pooled. When pooled, each account will remain active and can be used to either earn or use Points. However, all of the Points across the pooled accounts will form a single balance that can be used by each Member, and that will be subject to deductions relating to each Member for example, if merchandise is returned.

Any pooled Member can use all of the pooled Points at any time , without the knowledge or consent of other pooled Members, regardless of whether that Member made any of the purchases that earned those Points. If you pool accounts, each Member will be able to view how other Members in the pooled accounts earn and use Points.

For example, if a pooled Member redeems a promotional offer by purchasing a certain product at a Sponsor, then each Member in the pooled accounts could view that activity.

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  4. Once pooled, Plenti accounts cannot be unpooled. If you wish to cease pooling, you will need to open a new Plenti account and cancel your existing account. If you cancel your existing account, you will no longer be able to use any Points that may remain in the pooled account for the other Members. Only one total purchase coupon per transaction.

    The coupon amount will not kick out of the system if other coupons are scanned after this one that bring the dollar amount under the Total Purchase Coupon threshold. The Points remain on your card. If you triggered a certain Plenti promo that has limits, Those points still count towards the limit. Subscribe to the Deals! Printable Coupon Center. Rite Aid also emails coupons out to customers. Not all customers will receive email coupons. There is also a. Each point is worth a penny. Plenti Points cannot be redeemed until the day after you earn them.


    Plenti Points will even pay your taxes, so there is a possibility of paying zero OOP at the register! Plenti Points expire on December 31 after the second full year of earning.

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    How to Coupon at Rite Aid

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    How to Coupon at Rite Aid

    Will still be able to pay with. You can also just ask an associate next time you're in one of our stores. Rite Aid joined the national rewards program called Plenti in May This post may contain affiliate links and we appreciate your using them!. Nov 20, Leave a comment The links in the post below may be affiliate links.

    grupoega.com/components/2019-03-11/3871-rastreador-de-celular.html Plenti points can be used for up to two years at Rite Aid and at certain other.

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